Portal Design Services is a company of many different people
from all areas of production. Here is a list of our clients:


John Labriola
C. Andrew Dunning, Landru Design
John Ingram , Unlimited Visibility Lighting Design
Greg Cohen , Unlimited Visibility Lighting Design
Greg Norgeot, Unlimited Visibility Lighting Design
Wayne Lambert, Showcrafters
Kandi Bloomquist, Treehouse Design
David Oper, Aurora Productions
Keith Oberfield
Tim Williamson, Williamson Design
Brian O’Conner, Art of Light
Clarke Richter, Gemini Stage Lighting

Scott Dopson, Gemini Stage Lighting
Donnie Brawner, Brawner & Associates
Keith Buresh, KB Lighting
Larry Danforth, LD Studios
Dale Mauch
Richard Knight
Fred Adams
Michael Ledesma
Rich Waldron
Tommy Melancon, Level 2 Design
Randy Taylor, Design and Production

Production Companies:

Good Seed Prouctions
Drury Design Dyamics
Corprate Magic
Aquila Productions
PS Communications
Alford Media Services
PGI, New York
Martin Brinkerhof Associates
AMS Productions
Stealth Productions
Zoom 7
Aurora Productions
MP Productions
Southwest Showtech

ME Productions
Signet Staging
Jack Rouse Associates
Impact Productions
Magic Fire Laser Shows
VLM Productions
Bravo Productions
Star S Productions
Sony Music Productions
Planet Productions
KSE Productions
After Dark Productions

Other Clients:

Neiman Marcus
The Toadies
Bowling for Soup
City of Lewisville
Jessica Simpson
The Smashing Pumpkins
Hal & Oates
Los Tigres Del Norte
Aretha Franklin
The Zippers
Lake Ponte Baptist Church
First United Methodist OF Rockwall
Dallas Summer Musicals
Prestonwood Baptist Church
Rockwall High School
Broadway Dance Studio
Preston Center Dance
Kenneth Copeland Ministries
City Of Farmers Branch
Plano High School
City Of Las Collinas
Gordans Jewelry
Dell Computers

Zales Jewelry
SGI Computers
Philip Morris
Mary Kay
Lucent Technologies
Flishman Hillard
Prudential Insurance
J.D. Edwards
Southwest Airlines
Office Depot
American Express
Forest/ Sankyo Pharmaceuticals
Radio Shack
Procter and Gamble
Fed Ex
Cisco Systems